Emergency Breakdown and Accident Assistance
24 Hour Emergency Assistance Line
Tel: 7000 3450 (Or Call 25 661 662) 


ODYKY will try and repair your vehicle at the side of the road but if they are unable to do so they will take your vehicle to a garage of your choice

Please see below for what is covered under this part of the Policy

With reference to the accident Care Service, below please find the procedure to be followed:

  1. Call the Police (see the numbers below)
  2. The client involved in the accident will call the 24-hour service telephone number 70 00 34 50 and inform the operator that he/she was involved in an accident.
  3. Within a very short time, a qualified accident investigator will visit the scene of the accident.
  4. He will investigate the circumstances and collect all relevant information and documents.
  5. He will photograph the scene and fill the Accident Report Form.
  6. You must notify Abbeygate Insurance as soon as possible and submit a claim form. (telephone 26 819 175 or call the Claims Dept Direct on - 22 00 77 98). 


Nicosia (strovolos)
Ayia Napa




  1. If the system shows that the clients contract has expired and he doesn't have a renewed contract with him.
  2. If the Drivers Vehicle is at a garage and the client wants to be transferred /transported to another garage, or if the vehicle needs further transportation from the first garage or the place that was indicated on the breakdown call.
  3. When the Vehicle is outside a garage.
  4. If the Clients Vehicle takes part in any sort of Racing Competitions/Activities.
  5. If the Driver is under the influence of alcohol or any other type of drug or substance.
  6. If the Vehicle is in a salt lake, river, sea, mud, sand, snow or off road.
  7. If it's not possible for the recovery truck to approach the Incident due to close roads, narrow roads, underground places, multi-level car parks or other obstacles which doesn't allow the recovery truck to provide service.
  8. If we don't have the keys of the Vehicle.
  9. If the Vehicle is a Van and it's weight exceeds 3500kg or if it's longer than 5m.
  10. If the Vehicle has gone under modifications, which make the provision of service harder or make the transfer of it difficult (i.e. very low suspension, low spoilers, conversions that include lift, fridge, crane, or very tall back canopy).
  11. If when the incident happens, a Vehicle/Truck carries load or goods and its weight exceed 3500kg. the service will be provided only when the truck is unloaded, or if the driver accepts full responsibility for any damages.
  12. If the Vehicle was immobilized when the insurance contract was made.
  13. If the Vehicle is at a Police Station, or anywhere else due to traffic or other violation and not because of a technical failure.
  14. If the Driver is covered through Motor Trade.
  15. If the Driver has the same technical problem or malfunction over and over again, because he didn't make the necessary actions to fix the malfunction, or because his mechanic didn't find the problem, this Driver is entitled to two free Roadside Services only.
  16. When the Vehicle doesn't have a spare tyre, service will be provided only with charge unless there's no spare tyre available by factory.
  17. In Case the Vehicle cannot be towed with the machinery and equipment, the company has in its disposal and a crane or other equipment are needed, the driver will undertake the expense.
  18. If the weather conditions are not suitable due to storm, flood, blizzard... etc the company has the right to suspend the provision of any service.
  19. When our recovery driver evaluate the damage on the vehicle which had an accident, and decides that it doesn't need towing.
  20. The Vehicle is entitled to be towed only towards the living town of the driver. I.e. if someone leaves in Nicosia he is entitled to be towed from any city or area only towards Nicosia.
  21. If a Vehicle is equipped with new generation central locking and it cannot be unlocked, then the driver is asked and helped to find a locksmith for which he will undertake all expenses. (GOLF4,5,6/VW PASSAT/TOUAREG/PORCHE/NEW MERCEDES/NEW BMW/ AND ALL NEW TECHNOLOGY VEHICLES - NO ONE IS ABLE TO UNLOCK)
  22. Each insured vehicle is entitled to use 3 breakdown services per year.
  23. Our Recovery Truck can transfer up to 2 passengers.


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